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Peace of mind with every purchase. Every watch we sell comes with a warranty!

Official Stockists – Warranty
This means the watch comes with a manufacturers warranty and tends to be from 1,2,3 or 5 years warranty depending on the brand.  Please refer to your warranty booklet to confirm what your warranty covers.  This means if the watch develops a fault in the warranty period you will have to send the watch directly back to the manufacturer for repair/replacement under warranty.  Please note you will have to cover postage fees for the repair and we recommend using a track able service.  Repairs generally take from 14-35 working days, however occasionally repairs can take even longer if parts are not stock parts and need to be ordered in.  Please note warranty does not cover accidental damage, miss use, wear and tear, water damage, strap, loss of stones or the plating/colour however for further information refer to your warranty booklet supplied with your watch.


Tic Watches - 2-Year Warranty
For brands we are not official stockists we offer our own in house Tic Watches warranty.  These watches are marked Tic Watches warranty on our website.  These brands currently include Diesel, Emporio Armani, Guess, Michael Kors, Marc Jacob and Skagen.  Again this means if the watch develops a fault in the warranty period you will have to send the watch back directly to us for repair or replacement under warranty.  If the watch develops an issue within 30 days we will cover the postage costs.  If the fault occurs after 30 days it's the customers responsibility to cover the postage fees.  We advise using a track able service for returning all watches.  Please note repairs generally take from 14-35 working days and in some cases even longer if parts need to be ordered in.  

What does your warranty cover:
During the warranty period the watch movement, hands and dial are the ONLY components covered under warranty.  A covered component will be repaired or the watch will be repaired or the watch replaced free of repair charges if it proves to be defective in material or workmanship under normal use.  In case of replacement, we cannot guarantee that you will receive the same model watch.  If you model is not available, a watch if equal value and similar style will be provided.  If there is not a suitable replacement you will be issued with a credit to spend at a later date.


This warranty does not cover:

  • Any defects in materials and workmanship of the battery, buckle, clasp, case, crystal, strap or bracelet
  • Loss of stones or plating colouring
  • Damage caused from strap adjustments especially with Ceramic Watches.  We advised you use a professional watch specialist for this as any damage caused adjusting the strap is the customers responsibility. 
  • Once the strap is adjusted we are not responsible for bracelet failures.  Especially on Ceramic Watches as these watches are more fragile.  We will also not be responsible to any damage or decorate items such as stones coming loose after alternations to straps as force is needed to hammer pins out.
  • Damage resulting from improper handling, lack of care, accidents or normal wear and tear.
  • Water damage unless marked water-resistant. Or water damage if the watch has exceeded it's use age.

The warranty type and length is always stated with a product in the specifications or brand tab of each product.  Please note if the watch is miss used you will void the warranty.  By purchasing a watch from Tic Watches you accept these terms. Please note we are not official stockists for all our brands such as Emporio Armani and the products are Grey Import. Grey import what are they? There are many places you can purchase a new watch, fine watches are often purchased by authorised large retail groups directly from a manufacturers factory located internationally or wholesalers. There is usually a large minimum order requirement put on these retailers. Small independent retailers often can not afford the minimum order so they purchase from larger retail or wholesale groups who sell off excess stock at wholesale prices. These outlets can then sell the product with larger discount than other retailers. Not only do they have less overhead's they are also not under pressure from the manufacturer to sell at fixed pricing.  However the manufacturer will not provide a warranty for these goods so in the case of some of our products we will provide our own 2 year Tic Watches warranty for example to ensure our customers are protected. We will also regularly send watches to manufacturers to ensure the integrity of our supply chain.

For further questions please contact us